Ahmed Fakoua
Hamood, is an amazing bot developer with skills beyond my imagination. He also has a friendly mentality to help people even if its volunteer work. So if your looking for someone to assist you in this field choose hamood :)
Quest Development
Hired this user on as a fill in for a bot developer that was on vacation. Created the bot for the client very fast and hit deadline with minimal errors. Thanks again!
Brayden Machold
Overall did grate, understood a lot of my issues and problems I had going into requested development especially with my lack of experience. Wish more time would have been used for sleep to ensure all time working was done with 100% effort and less errors. I appreciated that he added what he thought was necessary and some things that Ham enjoyed or thought were cool, significantly due to the fact that I ended up really needing them but never mentioned them. Lastly, maturity was used when required and I was respected the entirety of the project. Thanks again! - Galonc
This site iz awesome
Anish Sawhney
Nice page hamood! Keep it up buddy
Andres sander
I purchased a discord bot from HamoOoOd25 and for a very good price . Very good things that l liked was he helped me think of more detail that my bot needed and before I payed he showed me all the features that it had .
Dope site Buddy ­čĹŹ
The site is awesome and ily