Premade Templates?
Don’t our lazy selves like these time saving premade templates? They look neat and colorful. Best of all, so many of them are free to use! But is it a bad practice to use them on your projects? Well, in my opinion, templates can suit different cases and can be bad for others. Photo by Pankaj Patel on UnsplashA template is useful because: It Is Cheap For Your Client: Incase of freelancing, you sometimes focus on getting low budget clients. Using templates can be great for this because you will not charge an extra price for the development stage. It Has The Foundations You Need: You don’t have to plan the features you are going to need. Most templates will have all the features you will need. It will also inspire new ideas to get on your website. But there are several drawbacks when it comes to using templates: Loaded With Useless Features: Templates have so many features that it can make your website slow. Also, it will be so difficult to customize a specific part because you will get lost with the immense amount of files there are. Hard To Configure: There will be a lot of lines to configure in the template code. So many texts to remove or change. Playing around with images size to get the perfect dimensions that will suit your image. Color accents you might want to change as well. All of these changes have to be done by someone who understands the template. They Are Heavy: When it comes to deploying your template to your server, you will be surprised by the amount of space it uses. That’s because it has, as I already said, so many features. Summary: To summarize, using templates has its advantages and disadvantages. You might want to plan it before starting your project. Starting from scratch can always be more enjoyable but might also wast a lot of time if not planned right.
Me In The World
Didn’t we all been affected by these overwhelming hacking movies. We get deceived by the look of these advanced techs they use, the black and green console printing lines in seconds. How I used to see hacking | Photo by Markus Spiske on UnsplashMy curious self was wondering how all this works and if it’s something possible. I wasn’t a tech-savvy person but just a curiosity that was tempting me. I used to play Minecraft on my father’s laptop, and that was my only way to get to know about hacking. I searched all over Youtube for hacking tutorials, and all of them were boring. After all, I was just a kid and wanted immediate results. Days passed, and I still didn’t know what I was doing. One day, I read an article about how to start hacking, and the first step was to learn how to code. I started learning python, and I remember getting excited about the results that were coming from print(“hello world”). I started to learn deeper in python until I got the basics down. I forgot about hacking and what’s related and focused on learning programming. I wanted to make a windows application, so I read about C# and Visual Studio Community. I started to learn C# and made some basic applications that got me excited too. I also learned SQL databases and their language. Remember when I said that I was playing Minecraft? I read about Spigot and Bukkit to make Minecraft multiplayer plugins using Java. I didn’t continue making Minecraft plugins for long. Being an ex-gamer, it’s not a surprise that I was a Discord user too. I started making Discord bots using python for almost two months and moved to Java to do the same thing. I didn’t like the wrapper made for Discord API in Java and Python, so I decided to try my luck with Javascript. I got the basics of Javascript and NodeJs down and started making discord bot for my friend’s servers. Someone suggested me to try out a freelancing website that has a lot of people requesting a custom made Discord bots. I registered on that website and started to get clients in no time. Months have passed, and I was still doing the same thing, making discord bot. It felt repetitive as most of my work started to be copy and pasting old code because most people wanted mostly the same features on their bots. Until two months ago, I decided to use MERN to be a full-stack web developer. To conclude, it’s not necessary to be the person you wanted to be. The world is huge and there are so many things to explore. You can start in one field to find yourself in a completely different field. I am currently working on improving myself with NodeJs so I can move on to learn ReactJs.