It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting


Hello! I am Mohammed Balfaqih, a full-stack web developer



  • VueJs
  • NuxtJs
  • DiscordJs
  • NodeJs
  • MongoDb

GameDev Qatar Website

Gamedev Qatar is a game development community based in Qatar.

MongoDb, NuxtJs, VueJs, NodeJs, ExpressJs

GDQ dashboard

This dashboard is made for GDQ website. It is used to manage events, testimonials, and partners. The dashboard is also linked to google forms to accept or decline people who wants to become a member.

MongoDb, VueJs, NuxtJs, ExpressJs, NodeJs


Coremenus is an upcoming menu software for Qatar. It comes with 2 main websites, the menu website which is responsible for showing a restaraunts data. The dashboard is for restaraunts managers to manage their products. It has a branded barcode creator, analytics for each company, file manager for managing images, push notifications for customers, sales and discount manager.

MongoDb, VueJs, NuxtJs, ExpressJs, NodeJs, NGINX, Vuetify, TailwindCss